We have a fully equipped, air conditioned, professional darkroom which currently housing 9 enlargers, with the capacity for 35mm, medium format and large format.

We also have a separate, fully lightproof, negative developing booth with Belfast sink, hot and cold running water, ready mixed chemicals, timers and developing tanks. Just outside the neg booth is a negative drying cabinet that  provides a dust free environment to dry negatives with warm air, in 5 minutes.

Our classroom size, 7ft fibre glass sink enables up to 9 students to use it simultaneously, comfortably and develop prints up to A1 in size with the capability to accommodate a variety of alternative and historic processes.

Viewing and Drying Room

Adjacent to the darkroom ‘wet’ lab, there is a fully equipped viewing room with lightbox, copy stand, a Durst resin coated print dryer, fibre based print dryer and a library.